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Field Day 2011 Schedule

I want to stress that the ACARC FD is open to all hams in the area and we encourage as many as possible to visit, help or operate !

The location is OGDEN PARK - Shelters 2 and 3 up by the pond and dog social area.

June 25 & 26

The plan is to operate 1A with one station for all modes. .

Set-Up will begin Saturday morning around 8:30 AM and should be in full swing by 9:30 AM at the latest as we have to be ready to go by 2 PM. We can use a lot of help setting up and you learn a lot about putting up antennas and setting up stations quickly at a Field Day.

Somewhere areound 12:30 or 1 PM we expect some of the representatives from the local government and served agencies to begin to show up and probably some news media. There will be an opening ceremony at approximately 1:30 PM to get the formal activities underway starting at 2 PM.

SSB, CW and Digital will be planed to operate so there is plenty of operating slots. If anyone who is not a member of ACARC wants to operate - and you are quite welcome to - Please let K4UWH know so you can be expected on the schedule - Name, Call, e-mail, Mode and general time desired to k4uwh

Saturday night is a family picnic for local hams and their families. You do not have to be a member of ACARC to participate in this social event. But you do have to make reservations. Make your reservations with WD4FTR because he is the chief cook and bottle washer. It will be Southern Italian. Remember make your reservations - Name and Number to wd4ftr.

At this early planning date we think we will only operate on Saturday. Stay tune this could change. Tear down will be Saturday night or Sunday evening, stay tune as plans come together. This is the time you learn how to take it down and put it away for another time.