PO Box 4044,Wilmington,NC 28406

A letter to N2COP our PIO Officer

Greetings Bill,

My XYL showed me a copy of a recent article in the Wilmington paper regarding your excellent work on the battleship North Carolina.

(Our son and his family live there..that's why my wife reads the Wilmington paper on-line)

I enjoyed the article and was very impressed that you have restored the ship's original equipment and are using it on the air.

I am a member of the Baton Rouge Amateur Radio Club, and we also have a museum ship, the USS Kidd, DD-661 (W5KID) that we operate from as a special event station. However, at present we are not allowed to operate from the original radio room, and of course we use modern equipment.

I have made a copy of the article that I plan to pass on to committee chair for the Kidd so that he will be aware of what your club has accomplished and perhaps he can generate interest with the folks who run the museum who might in turn allow our club to operate from the original shack at some future date.

Your club has done an outstanding job, and is a credit to ship and the local ham community. I hope to be able to work your station during the next Museum Ships event.

73 and Happy holidays to all

Clyde Willis N5HCW

7836 Pinebluff Rd.

Denham Springs la 70726