P. O. Box 4044, Wilmington, NC 28406


Welcome to the Azalea Coast Amateur Radio Club (ACARC) serving the Wilmington area ham radio operators. The club encourages ham radio activity in all the areas open to amateur radio operators and all facets of the hobby. The mission of the club is to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members to (1) promote radio knowledge, fraternalism and individual operating efficiency, (2) provide a service to the community at large, (3) conduct club programs and activities to advance the general interest and welfare of Amateur Radio in the community and (4) provide enjoyment through amateur radio.


The club participates in events and contests throughout the year that allow members, prospective members and those interested in pursuing licensed amateur radio activities a chance to learn, improve communications skills and otherwise have fun. Some of these include:

Programs at regular club meetings

Special training programs

VE test sessions

ARRL Field Day

Battleship USS NC operating events

International Lighthouse Weekend

NC QSO Party

Communications support for Wilmington Air Show, Beach2Battleship Triathlon, Diabetes Walk, MS Walk, etc.


The club maintains and operates the 147.180 Mhz repeater (+600 offset and 88.5 access tone). This is an open repeater and does not require club membership for use. The repeater is located on the top of the New Hanover Regional Medical Center and provides general local coverage. The repeater includes an open auto-patch that can be used for non-business purposes. A weekly club information/rag chew net meets on the repeater at 8 PM on Mondays and everyone should try to check-in as much as possible.


147.180 Repeater control information:

* activates auto-patch (10 minute timeout) - *5551234 dials 555 1234

# deactivates auto-patch * during call extends timeout 10 minutes


Club dues are $20 per year for an individual or family member living at the same home address. Club dues are used to support the club activities and maintain the club equipment.


Regular club meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month beginning at 7 PM at the North Campus of Cape Fear Community College. Special meetings or changes in the meetings will be announced. There are two informal groups that meet. One is the HAMFEAST that meets on Saturday mornings at ~ 8AM at the K&W restaurant on Oleander Dr. The other is the Friday Lunch Bunch (FLB) that meets at ~ noon on Fridays at different restaurants as announced by the FLB e-mail notification coordinated by NC4ER.


Announcements, information and an e-newsletter are published to all club members that have a valid e-mail address. Club members and other interested parties should keep in routine contact with the club web site at for up-to-date information regarding the club and ham radio in general. Club members should also make every attempt possible to check-in to the Monday evening club net to stay up-to-date.


The officers of the ACARC encourage you to become active in the club and its activities so that you receive maximum benefit. We welcome you and hope that your experience with the club is a good one.


General Guidelines for use of the Club Repeater The Repeater Trustee


        All FCC Rules are to be strictly followed


        Repeater Trustee and Transmissions Responsibility

The TRUSTEE is the person responsible for the operation and maintenance of the repeater including being responsible for the information that passes over the repeater. The current club trustees are listed on the club web site. Anyone making illegal or offensive transmissions will be held responsible and accountable for what they transmit. Because of this responsibility, control operators monitor the repeater. If in the opinion of a control operator there are transmissions that are illegal or offensive in nature, the control operator will shut down the repeater until such time as the transmissions have ceased. Illegal transmissions include any business discussion or discussion that is otherwise illegal or offensive in nature. Offensive transmissions include controversial subjects. Control operators are not to be challenged and the Trustee has final undisputed authority with regard to the operation and use of the repeater. Please help to insure that no illegal or offensive transmissions occur on the repeater so that the repeater experience is a good one for everyone.


        Repeater Etiquette

The club would like to request that you limit your use of the repeater auto-patch. Please use the auto-patch only when it is not convenient to use a traditional telephone or cellular phone. In addition please limit the amount of time you remain in conversation on the repeater, as there may be others who would also like to use the repeater or who may need to make an emergency call. If you hear anyone breaking into your conversation with the intent of an emergency, please clear the frequency and attempt to help the person in need. During routine use of the repeater, be sensitive to the needs of others and be as accommodating and polite as possible.