Joint amateur radio club meeting with Azalea Coast ARC, Wilmington VHF Assn.
and ICOM for a Ham Radio Seminar.. All hams are welcome!

Date: Tuesday July 15, 2003
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: Cameron Building on the Campus of UNCW
Wilmington, North Carolina

ICOM will take you back to school. ABC's Nope. The conversation will be DSP, AGC, TOI, Digital Improvements in amateur radio transceivers. Yes ICOM will present a custom presentation and you can answer questions. Door prices for everyone to include:
  • Coupon's ($10, $20 and $50) toward ICOM radio purchase
  • IC-2100H 2 meter mobile
  • Refreshments
  • Band charts
  • and more.........

QST and CQ July 2003 announcements.

Location Map:

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