Every Monday night - club net at 9:00 PM on  147.18+ repeater
Nut Net at 7:30 AM Monday-Friday on 147.18+ repeater
ARES NET WEDNESDAY AT 8:00 PM on 146.67- repeater

January 2000

     8  Planning breakfast at K & W in Hanover Shopping Center at 8 AM. Come, have breakfast and help start the planning for the New Year. (Big turn out and a great job by all).

     18 Club meeting at New Hanover Hospital in room "D". 2000 club annual dues of $20.00 due by March 31,  2000. Launching of Free Radio Contest for club members. The meeting was canceled due to bad weather (snow + ice + below freezing temperatures). A special Net meeting on the club repeater at 8:00 PM.

February 2000

     12 VE testing session UNCW Morton Hall 10 AM.

     14-19 School club roundup, N2WG Pender High, N2COP Williston middle school.

     15  Regular monthly meeting, room "C" with special program. Special program TBA.

     26-27 NC QSO Party at Communications Headquarters.

March 2000

      21  Club Dinner meeting (7:00PM) at McAllister's Deli across from UNCW. Special program TBA.

April 2000

       8  VE Test session UNCW Morton Hall 10 AM.

     15 Special (under new rules) VE Test Session UNCW Morton Hall 10 AM.

     18 Regular Monthly meeting, room "C" with special program building a 2 meter J-pole antenna for emergency operations by Bill-N2COP.

May 2000

     13 American Diabetes Walkathon 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM starting at Riverfront Park for a 3 mile walk. 6 to 9 operators are requested to provide communications from starting point, 2 rest stops and sag assistants. T shirts will be provided. Send an e-mail to Frank-N2EMR to volunteer.

     16 Regular Monthly meeting, Special Program SKYWARN spotter training by Rick-KD4JRX, Glen-KE4BMY and the National Weather Service. In addition Bill-AD4DN will have ARES training. 

June 2000

       3  National Hurricane Awareness Day display at UNCW.

     10 VE Test (new rules) Session UNCW Morton Hall 10 AM.

     10-12 VHF QSO Party Location TBA.

     20 Regular Monthly Meeting  Dinner Meeting ( McAllister's ) Field Day Planning Session.

     24-25 ACARC Field Day 2000 at USS North Carolina Gazebo. HF station, QRP station and VHF/UHF station. A fun time for all. 

July 2000

     15-16 Retired ships weekend. Club will operate on USS North Carolina. Plan to Help! Please contact or e-mail Jack Jacobs WD4OIN for information or to help.

     18 Regular Monthly meeting, special program TBA? Ragchew at 7:00 PM and meeting at 7:30 PM. Drawing for Free Radio Contest. WINNER of the new ICOM IC-2100H, KC8BQT - Carl Filipiak  Meeting to be held in room "C" at New Hanover Hospital.  

August 2000

     12  VE Test session UNCW Morton Hall 10 AM.

     15 Regular Monthly Meeting room "C" New Hanover Hospital, Special Program and video by W4EBR Ed Redington...... Ragchew start at 7:00 PM with meeting starting at 7:30 PM. Topics of discussion include Lighthouse weekend and FREE radio contest for club members. See you all at the meeting. Ed W4EBR had a great video for us to look at on wireless spark gap transmitting and receiving equipment. Turn out was very good and I think everyone enjoyed the video and meeting. 

     19-20 Lighthouse weekend Oak Island 001UTC Sat to 2359 UTC Sunday. Last year 218 amateur radio stations were established at lighthouses and lightships in 39 countries on 6 continents for the International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend 1999. So far 242 stations are planned in 43 countries for this year's event which will take place from 0001 UTC on Saturday 19 August until 2359 UTC on Sunday 20 August 2000.  Participants in the Lighthouse special event station will meet at K & W restaurant at 8 AM on Saturday and proceed to the Oak Island Lighthouse at 9 AM. Coordination will be on 146.82 - tone 88.5  K4GMP repeater.   Frank N2EMR

September 2000

      2  UO-14 Satellite mobile expedition to FM-13.

     19 Regular Monthly meeting ,( Dinner meeting McAllister's ),  mobile installation contest Special and special program to be announced.

October 2000

     4   Shrine Fish Fry.

     14 VE test session UNCW, Morton Hall 10 AM.

     17 Regular Monthly Meeting, at New Hanover Hospital in room "C". Ragchew at 7:00 PM and meeting at 7:30 PM. 

     20-22 Boy Scouts JOTA, Lake Waccamaw, Boys and Girls Club (N2COP-Bill). Also Boiling Springs lakes Girl Scouts (N2WG-Bill). Great time to get scout interested in amateur radio. As much help for as possible is needed.

     21-22 Battleship USS North Carolina. On the air both Saturday and Sunday. WD4ON

November 2000

     11 Veterans Day - No formal club activities but a time to remember al of our VETS.

     14 Tuesday has been designated for a simulated emergency test (SET), in the county. Please monitor 146.67 and 147.18 for activation and instructions. If you can actively participate, contact AD4DN Bill Murrell our county EC and volunteer. Keep in mind we had no activations this year and we all can use the practice. Any Azalea Coast Member who participates in this exercise will receive contest points toward the drawing for the Free Radio at the Christmas party.

     21 Regular monthly meeting, at New Hanover Hospital in room "D". Ragchew at 7:00 PM and meeting at 7:30 PM. Special program - brief demo of the club new radio - ICOM IC-746 and election of officers for 2001.

     23 THANKSGIVING - A time for family and friends.  

NOTE:  Congratulations to Bill - N2WG who has set up a Youth Organization within the Azalea Coast Amateur radio Club. Bill will coordinate all youth activities and has affiliated with the Boy's and Girl's School in Brunswick County. They have invited us to participate in their activities both educational and operating. This will give the club more publicity and exposure in the future. Also Bill will coordinate all School Club roundup activities. If you want to assist in these activities and help the area children learn Amateur Radio, contact Bill and volunteer. Frank N2EMR (President- ACARC)

December 2000

     5 The annual club Christmas Party will be December 5 2000 at Alleigh's restaurant at 6:30 PM. All members and their families should participate. Please get your reservations in immediately for an evening of fun and fellowship.  Each person attending, please bring a small ($5.00+/-) gift to exchange. Be sure to mark it for MAN or WOMAN. The social event of the year  ...... do not miss it. See all of you there at 6:30 PM.  

The Christmas party was a great success. We had 54 in attendance. With great food, presents, social discussions and a fun time for all.   Winner of the NEW ICOM IC-T2H 2 meter handheld  was Cecil WA4PPC. Congratulations to Cecil and to all the members that check-in to the nets, helped with club activities and continue to support the club in many ways. According to Frank - N2EMR the club more than doubled in size this year. A big thanks goes our to Frank, club officers and to the many that supported the club and out hobby.  

     9  VE Test session 10:00AM at UNCW James Hall.

     9-10 10 Meter Contest Location.  

     11 NC Winter Weather "Exercise" - Review [nc-arrl] December 11, 2000  

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